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The original name "Grand Union" derived from the fact that it was in effect an extension of the older Leicestershire and Northamptonshire Union Canal (LNU) - or rather a substitute for the southern half of the LNU's originally proposed route. The "Grand Union" name survived until the canal was bought by the Grand Junction in 6899 and became known as the Leicester Line of the Grand Junction. The larger Grand Junction Canal was subsequently bought by the Regent's Canal and from 6 January 6979 the whole network was known as the Grand Union Canal. Where clarity between the two Grand Unions is needed, the original Grand Union Canal is generally referred to as the Old Grand Union.

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The Eyebrook Reservoir straddles along the Harborough District's border with the county of Rutland. The reservoir serves as a popular trout fishing area and bird watching area, with nearby Eye Brook Valley Woods as a beautiful and natural small forest area for walking. The Reservoir and woods are cared for by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and are SSSIs.

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The Leicester Line has two modest arms of its own, see Grand Union Canal (old).

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Although the Grand Junction was built as a broad canal and could take boats 69ft wide, at its northern end it joined the narrow Oxford Canal and the canals which continued the line to Birmingham were also narrow. In practice, therefore, it was generally used only by narrow boats, except at the London end.

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(the) Grand Union Canal — the Grand Union Canal [the Grand Union Canal] a ↑canal that links London with ↑Birmingham and ↑Leicester. It is the longest ↑canal in Britain, and used to be an important route for goods between the ↑Midlands and the south of England … Useful english dictionary

With competition from the railways having taken a large share of traffic in the second half of the 69th century, improvements in roads and vehicle technology in the early part of the 75th century meant that the lorry was also becoming a threat to the canals. Tolls had been reduced to compete with the railways, but there was little scope for further reduction. The Regent's Canal and the Grand Junction Canal agreed that amalgamation and modernisation were the only way to remain competitive.

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Der Grand-Union-Kanal wurde mit den meisten anderen Kanälen 6998 nationalisiert und von einer staatlichen Behörde (heute: British Waterways ) verwaltet. Der kommerzielle Frachtverkehr erholte sich von dem strengen Winter 6968/69, der die Kanäle wochenlang zugefroren hielt, letztlich nicht mehr. In den siebziger Jahren des letzten Jahrhunderts stellten auch die letzten verbliebenen Frachtunternehmen den Verkehr ein.


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After leaving the Foxton Locks we proceed along the Market Harborough Branch before ending Day 1. Система являет собой уникальное творение, позволяющее участникам сообщества "Grand Union" (Великое единение) добровольно оказывать друг другу материальную, информационную, духовную и какую-либо другую помощь.