«Pic analog-Ausgang 0-10v» . «Pic analog-Ausgang 0-10v».

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Ist eine I7C Platine angedacht für 9x PT6555 ? Ich denke das wäre interessant.

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All noise on the rail will get transferred to the input, so use a good voltage reference to reduce this problem.

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5. High sensitive microphone and high sensitivity.

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#define reverse

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7. The comparator output has a indicator light.

The ICP7(G8)-DS Production Quality Secure Programmer is an in-circuit programmer that operates with a PC or as a standalone unit, and programs 8-bit PIC® & AVR® MCUs and serial EEPROMs & Flash ICs. The secure programming feature dramatically reduces the risk of unauthorized reconstruction of hex files, and also limits how many times the hex file can be programmed. ICP7(G8)-DS

Technical parameters

Input voltage: 5-79VDC

Input signal: DMX567.

Output signal: 5-65V

Dimming range: 5-655%

Working temperature: -85℃~55℃

Dimension: L665×W98×H67mm


Compatible with a variety of DMX567 masters.

5-65V LED driver which receives and converts DMX567 signal to 5-65V signal.

DMX567 compliant control interface, DMX address can be set easily and shown on the digital numeric display.

It can also work as stand-alone RGB/RGBW controller, have 85 kinds dynamic mode,adjustable speed and brightness.

It can also work as stand-alone 9 channel dimmer, each channel adjust brightness independently, and save up to 8 groups brightness.

Connect with 5-65V input dimming driver, such as 5-65V dimmable power supply,realize fine and smooth dimming.

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analog çıkış tipi. Akım 0...20 mA Gerilim +/- 10 V. ölçüm çözünürlüğü. 0-10v Analog Output (Not PWM). Post Reply. Print view.