«Iis 7.5 log analyzer» . «Iis 7.5 log analyzer».

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Has anyone faced the same issue and found any solution.

Configuring Failed Requests logging in IIS | Pluralsight - YouTube

I have installed beta8 and created new project (Empty web app)
and it works well with IIS Express from visual studio.

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According to Secunia , as of June 7566 96 update 98 , IIS 7 had a total of six resolved vulnerabilities while 96 59 98 IIS 6 had a total of eleven vulnerabilities, out of which one was still unpatched. The unpatched security advisory has a severity rating of 7 out of 5. 96 59 98

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Enter X-FORWARDED-FOR in Source.

How to enable logging in Internet Information Services (IIS)

When I use both methods listed in the above article the UI shows logging disabled throughout all of the nodes - server level, site level, application level but my Windows machines are still logging traffic.

Enabling IIS log files on Windows 7

A single dashboard for viewing IIS log file metrics allows for quick comparisons between applications and their performances. Organizations can determine how a spike in the use of one application affects the performance of another and other networking concerns.


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The standard definition of the UTC time stamp, is in the format: HH:MM: just as you want. For more information on the Advanced Logging feature and how to configure it, read this blog post. To add the X-Forwarded-For log field to IIS 1. From your Windows Server device, open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.