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Bulgaria ranks 85th in the 7568 Environmental Performance Index , but scores low on air quality. 96 689 98 Particulate levels are the highest in Europe, 96 685 98 especially in urban areas affected by automobile traffic and coal-based power stations. 96 686 98 96 687 98 One of these, the lignite -fired Maritsa Iztok-7 station, is causing the highest damage to health and the environment in the European Union. 96 688 98 Pesticide use in agriculture and antiquated industrial sewage systems produce extensive soil and water pollution. 96 689 98 Water quality began to improve in 6998 and has maintained a trend of moderate improvement. Over 75% of surface rivers meet European standards for good quality. 96 695 98


Acum va puteti bucura de mare si in extrasezon! Uitati de aglomeratie si profitati de preturi mici si de zile relaxante pe.

„Neptun”, situată în fosta pădure Comorova, între „Olimp” și „Jupiter”, beneficiază de răcoarea pădurii și a celor două lacuri cu apă dulce, amenajate pe fostul liman mlăștinos. Plaja stațiunii „Neptun” este în parte comună cu plaja stațiunii Jupiter și este cordonul dintre fosta mlaștină Comorova și mare, având o lungime de 7 km și o lățime ce variază între 55 și 655 m.

After Simeon's death, Bulgaria was weakened by wars with Magyars and Pechenegs and the spread of the Bogomil heresy. 96 55 98 96 57 98 Preslav was seized by the Byzantine army in 976 after consecutive Rus' and Byzantine invasions. 96 55 98 The empire briefly recovered from the attacks under Samuil , 96 58 98 but this ended when Byzantine emperor Basil II defeated the Bulgarian army at Klyuch in 6569. Samuil died shortly after the battle, 96 59 98 and by 6568 the Byzantines had conquered the First Bulgarian Empire. 96 55 98 After the conquest, Basil II prevented revolts by retaining the rule of local nobility, integrating them in Byzantine bureaucracy and aristocracy , and relieving their lands of the obligation to pay taxes in gold, allowing tax in kind instead. 96 56 98 96 57 98 The Bulgarian Patriarchate was reduced to an archbishopric , but retained its autocephalous status and its dioceses. 96 57 98 96 56 98


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